April 10, 2016

Rope Bookcase

DIY Rope Book Case

We loved this project!  It is so fun looking and it is a fairly easy DIY project too.  It added the perfect touch to finish off this room.  For this space we not only wanted to add visual interest and verticality but we also wanted a practical solution for storage and display.  We thought a hanging bookcase would be the perfect addition and accomplish all that we wanted.  For this bookcase we wanted it to be visually light which meant it was not going to have sides.  To accomplish this we hung our book case from the ceiling using rope.

Bookshelf Supplies


Drill, drill bits, and spade bit
2 screw eye hooks
Manilla rope – 3/4″ thick rope & 1/4″ thick rope
Natural jute twine
Stain, polyurethane and brush
Metal rods